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At Blue Gums Equestrian you will find the perfect learning environment.

We offer a wide range of lessons, from basic horse handling on the ground, to being a competent rider, to riding at competition level.  All aspects of horse handling and training can be explored.

The focus is on training riders to train horses and the method is simple, effective and sensible.  We can give you homework to improve your riding and therefore your horse training.

Private and shared lessons are available for beginners to aspiring competition riders.

We have horses available for beginners to competition level riders and we invite you to come and ride our competition horses - they will be your teachers.

Lessons range in price so there is sure to be one to suit your budget - just scroll down for information.

As well as coaching here, we are happy to travel to other destinations.


Our coaching methods are based on a scientific approach.

The method establishes a communication between horse and rider, so that the horse learns to respond to the signals from the rider. Then the horse no longer reacts to other stimuli by shying, bucking or running away etc.

Too much variation in signals from rider to horse creates a lack of confidence in the horses' behaviour and that leads to undesirable reactions from the horse.  With careful and predictable riding, the horse learns to be reassured and confident.


1. Horse riding is meant to be fun.

2. It is also meant to be an enjoyable learning experience.

3. It is more correct just to be able to STAY on the horses' back.

4. Correct position, competency and "elegance" will come in time.

5. Learn a little about the psyche of the horse you are riding and you will progress with your riding more quickly.

Whether you are a first time rider, someone who rides for pleasure, or a Grand Prix Dressage rider, these five steps will always be there to guide you.


Tuition Options

Private lesson for children for 30 minutes

Private lesson for 45 minutes

Private lesson for 1 hour

Shared lesson for 1 hour

Children's Saturday morning lessons.

This is an opportunity for children to be with other children and horses to experience the fun of horse riding.  To be able to groom their horse, to learn what the saddle and bridle are and where they go, to learn to ride their horse and learn basic control requirements.  And to know that this can all be so much fun!

Contact us for more information.