Blue Gums Equestrian




We welcome you to our website and invite you to consider riding with us.

You, or your children, will have a special experience and learn to ride in a safe, effective and enjoyable environment.  Our years of experience with riders of all ages and skill levels, equip us with the understanding of how best to assist you to achieve your potential.

If you have always had a desire to learn to ride a horse and ‘never quite got around to it’, or if you are a serious rider and would like to improve your equestrian skills, we at Blue Gums Equestrian can assist you.

We are 15 minutes north of Gosford on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales and just off the Pacific Highway.


Friendly and Safe Environment.

We are a place to enjoy horses and what they have to offer.  They will be your teachers and the instructors will be the interpreters.  They will carefully take you on a journey that will pleasantly surprise you.

They are unique and individual and they will afford you the joy of physical activity in an enjoyable outdoor environment.

And while you are experiencing the enjoyment of horse riding and developing your knowledge and skills, we are empathic and sensitive to your concerns for the safety of yourself and any accompanying friends.

Our facilities include a 60 x 20 metre indoor riding area and provide a calm learning atmosphere that is cool in summer and dry in winter.  Parents and friends can wait in a comfortable garden setting and just enjoy the proceedings.

Schoolmaster horses can be provided or clients can bring their own horses.

Learning to improve your riding skills in a friendly atmosphere and in a controlled environment can be very rewarding.

Feel free to contact us at Blue Gums Equestrian and experience the difference.

Irene Gavenlock.
Equestrian Australia Coach.
National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.